Saturday, September 26, 2009

Score In Johor - Beached Out

Previously dubbed Lido Beach, Danga Bay is fast becoming one of JB’s main attractions. There’s still a lot of construction going on and there are plans for a cruise center, shopping malls, condominiums and resorts, all in a bid to make this area one of the hottest waterfront spots in the region—JB’s answer to our own Marina Bay.
For now, beach bars and open-air restaurants dot the beach, soothed by balmy breezes. In its previous incarnation, Lido Beach was the place to hit for good seafood. After its rechristening there are still plenty of fish-finds, but one can also sample local and western offerings. Dining here is always under the stars as all restaurants are open only for dinner—making this a great place to end your evening in JB.
Culture vultures will love the “Rumah Limas”—traditionally designed houses from the eight districts of Johor, each housing surprises like cafes, massage spas, craft stores and perhaps best of all, cultural shows that are unique to each of the different districts.
For those with a yen to shop, there is the Festive Street Mall that is touted as the country’s first ever purpose-built shopping street or strip mall. The mall boasts over 280 retail lots including a nimiety of stalls that hawk a diverse range of wares from ethnic fashion, wooden furniture, knick-knacks and bootleg DVDs and many other items.
 Other than shopping, there’s a slew of cafes in the mall that serve a spectrum of cuisines, from Middle Eastern and Italian to local fare. Tuck into fragrant briyani and sheesh kebabs at Shan Kitchen (#152); thin crust pizzas at El Café Bistro (#157) and sumptuous tom yum soup and nasi lemak at D’Street Café (#262). Prices here are relatively cheap, ranging from RM5 for a portion of briyani to RM10 for a plate of chili prawns.

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